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Who is Beer N Black?

Beer N Black takes the lyrical intricacies of traditional hip hop and blends it with beats and rhythms that guarantees to rock the party. With influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Jay Z, this group always gives you a taste of what it’s like to live outside of the box, even when you feel trapped inside of one. Beer N Black always creates music with their friends in mind. Their lyrics portray the trials and tribulations of everyday life while on a quest for something greater than the status quo. The group consists of two members who have been best friends since joining Pi Lambda Phi fraternity at Christopher Newport University. Jeremy “JRock” Wells and Joe “Tweeter” Hudson were both raised in Virginia and played a lot of sports growing up. Their songs reflect their competitive nature as they always strive to make each song better than the last. Beer N Black has released two albums, Random Tandem (2010) and Kingstowne:  The Prequel (2013). Beer N Black has performed many songs from these albums throughout VA, D.C., and NC at venues such as Rock N Roll Hotel, Jammin Java, the Epicentre.  They recently opened for Pusha T at the EchoStage in D.C. DISCLAIMER: You might run into Beer N Black at your party while listening to Beer N Black at your party.

The Crew

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The Music


Beer N Black N Lime Tee
Beer N Black Lime Tank
Panty Droppers (2014)
Kingstowne: The Prequel (2013)
Random Tandem (2010)
I Love Beer N Black

The Fans

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